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"Michele at Winter Kot was very responsive and was sure to answer all of the questions I had. She sent pictures of my kitten without me even having to ask, and is extremely passionate about her cats. Our kitten is so happy, healthy, playful and loving, and is the perfect addition to our family. It is obvious that Michele spends a lot of time socializing the kittens and cares about what she does. Thank you for our sweet boy! I highly recommend Winter Kot!"
Winter Kot Siberians Norman
Kitten Parent
"I couldn’t be happier with my kitten from Winter Kot. Michele was recommended to me by a friend who had just gotten one. My little fur baby was being re-homed and when she arrived, I thought she might be nervous, but no!! The love and care she received before she came to me was truly amazing. I let her out of the crate, she hid for one hour, came out, looked at me, and she was home. CiCi and I fell in love immediately!! I highly recommend Winter Kot, Michele, and the family. It is very clear these babies are treated like royalty. Thank you for being so wonderful to your kittens and cats."
Winter Kot Siberians
Kristin & CiCi McFluffy
Kitten Parent & Kitten
"Michele at Winter Kot Siberians was an absolute pleasure from the beginning to the end of our kitten purchase. Michele was up front and honest with every question that we asked. Michele sent updates with pictures without asking and offered many suggestions to be certain the kittens were as comfortable as possible in their new home. In getting to know Michele, it was easy to see the passion and love she had for her cats. We decided to get two kittens, we named them Arthur and Arwen. Upon introducing them to our home, it was immediately noticeable the amount of time Michele had spent raising them. They get along great with our young children and two French Bulldogs. Both kittens are absolutely gorgeous, loving and have amazing personalities. We are forever grateful to Winter Kot Siberians."
Winter Kot Siberians
Kitten Parent
"I can't say enough good things about Michele at Winter Kot and our beautiful little Annie. It was evident that Annie received a lot of love and socialization before she came to our home. She is a very confident and affectionate kitten who loves being with people. When our grandchildren come, Annie is right there in the mix playing. Our experience with Winter Kot has been and continues to be wonderful. Michele was always available before and after bringing Annie home for any questions and suggestions. Without asking, she provided updates, pictures and videos as the kittens grew. We couldn't be any happier with our beautiful little Annie from Winter Kot!"
Winter Kot Siberians
Kitten Parent