Our Kittens

Important Announcement - January 2022

Queen Enya Thea has been spayed and retired. All of the kittens in the Firestorm Litter have gone to their forever homes. Winter Kot Siberians will not have any new kittens for two or three years. We do not keep a waiting list for kittens. Queen Enya Thea will be staying with us.

The Firestorm Litter

August 30, 2021

Since Queen Enya Thea's name means Little Fire Goddess (because her gorgeous colors remind us of a cozy fireplace fire) and these kittens were born during a time of prolonged 95-100 degree heat, raging thunder and lightning storms, and blistering sunshine, we are proud to introduce you to the Firestorm Litter.

All of the kittens in the Firestorm Litter have been named after fire/sun gods and goddesses. The four females are Mariel (silver patched tabby), Feronia (dilute calico), Arani (silver patched tabby) and Freya (silver tabby). The two males are Prometheus (silver tabby) and Apollo (golden-brown tabby).  Almost all of the kittens have white patches here and there because both Enya and Utu also have them.  Welcome little gods and goddesses!