Welcoming Your New Kitten

Here are some tips to help make the kitten's transition to his forever home more peaceful and less stressful. Some advance preparation and home safety updates will ensure that the kitten is safe and comfortable in his new home.  Siberian kittens and cats are mischievous, curious, and friendly.  They will want to explore every inch of their new home. You can minimize the potential risks and dangers for your new kitten by following these simple safety guidelines.

Before Kitten's Arrival

  • Cover electrical cords or remove them from the room.  Siberian kittens like to chew.  You can use the covering that we suggested on Our Favorite Things page or another similar covering.
  • Make sure lamps and small end tables will not tip over.  Kittens will jump onto small tables because they like to be as high as possible.  They may accidentally knock off the lamp or other items on the table.
  • Tie up blind cords or use cordless blinds.  Kittens can strangle themselves in the cords from blinds.
  • Remove household plants or move them to a high shelf (with no way for the kitten to climb up to the plants).  Siberians are at home in the wild and are attracted to plants and flowers.  Many household plants are very poisonous to cats (Lilies for example) and should not be in the same house as a kitten or cat.
  • Make sure that all fish tanks have tight, stable covers.  Kittens will want to play in the water and with the fish.  They could fall in and drown.
  • Make sure that high shelving units or bookshelves are stable and will not rock or tip over if the kitten jumps onto them from a running start.  This is a favorite activity of Siberian kittens and cats.
  • Put away your family heirlooms until the kitten gets older.  Siberian kittens are very playful and could accidentally break your beloved treasures just by trying to play with them.  Our fireplace mantle is currently bare because the kittens and cats like to jump up there and hang out.  They also like to see things drop and break if given the chance to shove them off of the mantle.
  • Make sure that all fireplaces and woodstoves have coverings that will not allow the kitten to squeeze through and get burned.  The kitten will also need to learn that the fireplace or woodstove is hot and not to go near.  We do have a working fireplace, but the wood in it is never lit, so the kittens are not used to a hot fireplace.

When Kitten Arrives Home

  • Have a quiet room ready for the kitten that includes all of the necessary gear (food, water, litter box, bed, toys, climber, scratching post or cat tower that has attached scratching posts) and that has been kitten-proofed ahead of time.
  • Observe the kitten when he comes home to see if anything in the room needs to be adjusted or if anything needs to be removed from the room while the kitten is in there.  Kittens like to chew on soft toys and small pillows to get to the stuffing inside, so these items should not be in the room with them.
  • Give the kitten some time to adjust to his new room and explore his new surroundings.  Stay in the room with the kitten and, when the kitten is interested, cuddle and play with the kitten.  The more love and affection that the kitten receives from his new family, the more love and affection he will give back to his new family.
  • When the kitten has adjusted to his new room and his new family, allow him to explore the rest of the house and see where he will be living with his forever family.  It's a good idea to follow the kitten around the house while he is exploring the first time.  He will most likely be running, climbing, jumping, and exploring at warp speed because he is so excited.
  • Kittens like to eat paper, cardboard, soft toys, shoelaces, ties on hooded sweatshirts, ribbons, hair ties, fuzzies, and much more.  Please remove these items from the kitten's room ahead of time.  Please also supervise cardboard box play and playtime with soft toys until the kitten gets older.

Life with a Siberian Kitten/Cat

  • Siberian cats and kittens love the cold.  They will climb inside your refrigerator if they have a chance.  Always check your refrigerator for the kitten before you close the door.
  • Siberian kittens and cats love to hide in closets, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, drawers, cubbies, bread boxes, and anything else that they can fit into.  Always check these places before closing them to make sure that the kitten has not snuck into them.
  • Siberian cats and kittens can jump very, very high!  We often find our Siberians on top of our refrigerator, on top of our seven-foot-high bookshelf, or tightrope walking on our curtain rod that is seven feet off of the ground.  Make sure that the kitten or cat cannot get hurt if they decide to jump onto something that is very high.
  • Do not get lulled into a false sense of security by thinking that a baby gate will keep a Siberian kitten out or in.  They will climb over, under, or through the baby gate.  They will also push the gate until it tips over so that they can get to whatever it is that you want to keep them out of.  They could get stuck and/or get hurt very badly if this happens.
  • Siberian kittens and cats will run to meet you at the door when you arrive home or when you are going to visit them in their room.  It's really a great feeling to see them waiting at the door for you!  But, be careful when opening the door so that you don't hurt the kitten or accidentally let the kitten out of the house.
  • Be careful with Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations.  Siberian cats cannot resist climbing a tree and they might knock the entire tree over.  They could also get tangled in the lights and strangle themselves.
  • Siberian cats and kittens always want to help their people and spend time with their families.  Spend as much time as possible with your kitten.  He will grow into a loving, friendly, caring cat if he is in a loving home with people that engage him and allow him to participate in their lives.
  • Siberian kittens and cats love to play fetch and run around.  Please play fetch, chase the red dot, or another running game with them.
  • Siberian kittens and cats are very, very smart!  Do not underestimate them!  They can turn on faucets, open doors, open cupboards, turn on computers, take selfies, turn on the TV, and more.  We have baby locks on our kitchen cabinets because our cats can open all of the doors, including the cupboards with all of the household cleaners.
  • Siberian cats mature very slowly.  They take five years to fully mature.  Keep this in mind when the kitten or young cat is being extra curious or mischevious.
  • Siberian cats are playful throughout their entire lives.  Continue to play with them and involve them in your daily routines throughout their entire life.  They will be happy to spend time with you and "help" you with whatever you are doing.  You will have many very happy years together!

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