Queen Enya Thea’s Sanctuary

We have finally finished the refresh of Queen Enya Thea's sanctuary! We didn't think we would ever finish the new floor, but we did. Right now, the room is set up so that Enya can rest and relax there during her pregnancy. When her due date approaches, we will change it for labor and delivery. When the kittens are a few weeks old, we will change it again for them.

This refresh included a new floor, fresh paint, a TV with Roku, soothing music, Feliway diffuser, a new kitten video camera (not currently set up), a new floor chair, a new snuggle cubby, and opening up the closet for additional space. We also hung up some more of our favorite cat show ribbons. The room looks so much better in person than it does in the photos.

Queen Enya is happy to have this updated space to relax and hang out with us, even though she always has run of the rest of the house too.