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Winter Kot Siberians

Kings Choice Enya Thea of Winter Kot (Enya Thea)

Queen Enya is a gorgeous smoke tortoiseshell (with white) Siberian female.  Enya Thea means Little Fire Goddess and we think it suits her perfectly!  She is brave, adventurous, and strong while also being loving, sweet, and happy.  We are very happy to have her join our Siberian family and are very excited to be a part of her life for many years to come.

Enya Thea loves to run, chase, and climb.  She actually learned to fetch a ball before she learned her own name!  Another one of her favorite activites is to snuggle and nap with Princess Icelyn after she has tired herself out by running around like the Energizer Bunny.

Queen Enya is registered with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and attended one CFA cat show at 4 months of age.  She won Best of Breed Siberian several times at that cat show.  Enya was very afraid during the entire cat show, so she will be taking a break from cat shows for now.

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Icelyn Omega of Winter Kot Siberians
Icelyn Omega of Winter Kot Siberians

Our Princess:  Z 1000 Jezior Omega of Winter Kot (Icelyn Omega)

Princess Icelyn Omega is a beautiful, young silver patched tabby (with white) Siberian girl.  She has stunning green eyes.  Icelyn Omega came to Winter Kot Siberians from Poland when she was a kitten.  As she started to mature, she had some reproductive system issues and had to be spayed at one year of age.

Icelyn Omega loves to play fetch with little foam balls and will carry them around the house in her mouth so that she is ready to play at all times.  Her favorite color is bright green and she can often be found inside of our towel closet lying on "her" bright green towel.

Princess Icelyn is registered with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and attended one cat show as a kitten.  She won Best of Breed Siberian several times and 10th Best Kitten in Show twice during that cat show.  Icelyn Omega also won 3rd Best Siberian Kitten in the Great Lakes Region for the 2018-2019 cat show season.  Princess Icelyn does not like cat shows though, so she has not attended any more cat shows since then.

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