Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Winter Kot mean?

Kot (pronounced "coat") is the Russian word for cat.  Since the Siberian breed originated in the snowy taiga of Russia and wears their heavy Winter coat all year round, we chose the name Winter Kot for our Siberian cattery.  The Siberian loves everything about Winter and is truly a Winter cat!

How much do your kittens cost?

Our kittens cost $1800.00 USD.  This is the normal price for a purebred, pedigreed Siberian kitten.  All Winter Kot kittens will be registered with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and spayed or neutered before leaving our cattery.

Do you sell breeding cats?

No, we do not sell breeding cats.  All of our kittens are sold as pet only and do not come with breeding rights.  All Winter Kot kittens will be spayed or neutered before leaving our cattery.  There are no exceptions.

At what age do the kittens go to their forever homes?

All of our kittens will be ready to go to their forever homes around 12-16 weeks of age.  In addition to being spayed or neutered, they will have had at least one set of shots, one dose of preventative flea protection, and at least one physical examination by our Veterinarian before they go to their forever homes.

How are Siberian cats different from other cats?

Siberians want to be near their family and enjoy the company of other cats, dogs, children, and other animals. They love to play games, play with toys, and play fetch. Playing in water, drinking from running water, and playing in the snow are their most enjoyable activities. Siberian cats are fearless, easygoing, sweet, loving, and supportive. They enjoy climbing, jumping, and being up as high as possible. Siberians remain playful even when they are fully grown. They will occasionally meow, but they communicate most often with sweet trills, purrs, and chirps. Siberians always know when someone is upset or sad and they do their best to cheer up that person with a big hug around the neck or a gentle headbutt to show that they care. All of this makes the Siberian cat a wonderful family pet and a loving companion.

What is your cattery like?

Our cattery is our home and our home is our cattery.  We live in a large house in the country where all of our cats and kittens have plenty of room to run, play, relax, and have fun.  We have 2 separate rooms devoted completely to our cats, but they also have many beds, towers, toys, etc. throughout of the rest of our house.

How many litters of kittens do you have per year?

At Winter Kot Siberians, we only have one litter of kittens per year.  We have one breeding female and she will only have one litter each year.

Questions or Comments?

Are you interested in finding out more about Winter Kot Siberians or the Siberian breed in general?  Please fill out our contact form for more information.  Thank you.